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Maybe it’s not evident from the tone of the posts, but California didn’t end up working out. As it turns out, Sacramento was in a rough spot economically. Though our research stated that Sacramento was a decent place for millennials to relocate in California, once we got there, the environment didn’t feel very supportive. Yeah, […]

Pursuit of ChanceTravel


So, as per usual, I fell off. But as it stands, I lost almost all my readers anyway because 1) I don’t post consistently enough to keep people engaged; 2) I don’t market this blog; 3) I just got busy with school. I also posted a couple of months back about how I lost all […]

Pursuit of ChanceTravel


The next morning we said goodbye to Zion and continued on into Las Vegas for the night. Nothing much to say about Vegas. We actually tried to avoid it, but it was a good halfway point for a short day of driving. We stayed at a LaQuinta just a few blocks from the action. The […]

Pursuit of ChanceTravel


Williams, AZ was meant to be a base for our exploration of the Grand Canyon, but because of the hotel debacle, we had to scramble for new accommodations that weren’t too expensive or off the beaten path. After all, this trip was already turning out to be longer than we had anticipated. We got into […]